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Specializing in bringing the best trucking, sand/gravel, extended range of tires, and, most importantly, business partnerships to Abilene and the surrounding area. 

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“Halligan always goes above and beyond for their customers! This is the company you call when you need the job done right and on time the first time! Very professional and knowledgeable. 10/10!!!”

John Ritzel


“If you are looking for a high quality company, I highly recommend Halligan. They are the very best in the field, no compromise.”

Nick Boudreaux


“I'm a mechanic for Halligan Services, this is the best company by far Ive ever worked for! Best people around, we're a family not just employees” 

Kolby Moon


“Greatly people that did exactly what they said they would...I was in a bind and they were able to help me on a Saturday.”

Chance Brown

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